About the author

Kjeld Hansen, born 1947, educated at the Danish Journalist College. Has since 1983 been a freelance journalist and author specializing in environmental and consumer issues. Has travelled extensively world-wide reporting on environmental and wildlife conditions.

Danish author of the best-sellers “The Green Consumer Guide” (1990) and “Manual 2000” (2000) and also author of a series of books on sustainable lifestyles, green consumerism etc.

Has further written numerous articles and educational books on the greenhouse effect, wildlife conservation, sustainable development, East European environmental problems, environment and wildlife in Norway, Iceland and Greenland, etc. Extensive lecturing activities.

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The author can be contacted via e-mail: gyldengroen@bog.dk or by phone +45 56 52 22 70 and fax +45 56 52 22 89.

Adress: ”Druebjerggaard”, Taastrupvej 31, DK-4672 Klippinge, Denmark.